Chu-li CHEN is an illustrator based in Taiwan, though she loves travel a lot. She completed an Master in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton, UK in 2006. In 2009 she moved to Spain, where she considers her second home for 1 year learning printmaking (& chorizo).
She enjoys playing all kind of media, hand drawing, collage, sewing, weaving, printmaking, photography.....all sorts of things that she can make use of her bare hands to achieve the theme. 
She has worked with a variety of clients, including : Starbucks, Eslite bookstore, British Council Taiwan, Spanish Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, Fubon Art Foundation, Fubon Charity Foundation, Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City, Jean Culture&Creative, Pinkoi, United Daily News, Liberty Times, Artcokids magazine, La Vie magazine, dpi magazine, Goodeats, etc. 

Awards :
2016  Shopping Design Award - Taiwan Design BEST 100
2015  3X3 Illustration show, U.S.A.
2014  Artist-in-Residence Grands, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
2012  Apportfolio Asia selected illustrator. HongKong
2011  Apportfolio Asia selected illustrator. HongKong
2006  V&A Illustration Award, Student Illustrator Award Winner, U.K.
Publication :
2016  Libro de los defectos de los demás. Media Vaca Editora, España
2016  Positive Personality Adjectives A-Z。Self-Published
2013  Mucho gusto! España. Come together publication

合作過的對象包含:統一星巴克、誠品書店、英國文化協會、西班牙商務辦事處、高雄市文化局、富邦藝術基金會、富邦慈善基金會、知音文創、Pinkoi、聯合報、自由時報、小典藏雜誌、親子天下、dpi雜誌、La Vie、美好花生等。 

2016  Shopping Design Award - Taiwan Design BEST 100 最佳創作者入圍
2015  美國 3X3 Illustration Show 入圍
2014  文化部海外藝術駐村計劃補助
2012  Apportfolio Asia 亞洲青年創作平台 入書
2011  Apportfolio Asia 亞洲青年創作平台 入書
2006  英國倫敦V&A Museum插畫獎學生首獎
2016  Libro de los defectos de los demás(一本關於別人缺點的書)。Media Vaca Editora.
2016  A-Z關於__的正向人格形容詞。獨立出版
2013 很高興認識你!西班牙。一起來出版

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